10 things missionaries need to know about raising money

By Juan Carlos Del Valle

The word “go” is the most costly word in the Bible.  Over the years I have explained to countless of friends in the ministry that responding to the call of God not only takes obedience, but also a solid financial position. I have known many wonderful missionaries that answered the call of God and went to the mission field very poorly equipped with financial resources. As a result they returned home feeling exhausted and defeated.  The reality is that it takes money to do God’s work. Specially if one has a big vision and wants to deliver greater result for the kingdom of God at a larger scale. Money is an empowering tool because it allows us to function unhindered.  

The way we think about money will determine how much we will be able to attract.  Here are 10 things anyone aspiring to be effective in the mission field must understand about money:

1. There’s plenty of money on this planet. God created a world with unlimited resources. We live in a world where everything we need is in abundance. That’s the mindset that successful people have.

2. The financial support you need never comes through the people you expect. Most of the time God gives it to you through unexpected sources. That way God makes sure that you always put your trust in Him for your provision. 

3. Never make plans nor count on promised money. Sometimes people make either an emotional or an unrealistic financial commitment. Their heart is right, but for many different reasons they may not have the ability to deliver on their promise. Other times people’s financial situation changes overnight making it very difficult for them to carry on with their pledge. If you borrow money expecting to pay it back with money that was promised to you, and that money was never given, then you end up with a financial burden that will wear down on you. 

4. Make it a habit to never ask for money unless someone specifically ask you if you need financial help. Instead ask God for the resources you need and share vision with people. 

5. Human nature abhors the idea of paying bills. People rather give to a vision than to a need. So don’t talk about the bills that need to be pay, rather present your potential donors with tangible projects. It is easier to give towards something they can see and touch than towards something subjective. 

6. Remember the phrase “when it is God’s will, then it is God’s bill ?  Certainly, when we walk in the direction God wants us to go there would be plenty of provision to facilitate the work that needs to be done.  And here is something to consider; we all know the words of the Lord Jesus to the people who were bothering the woman who broke the alabaster jar to anoint his feet: You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.” Here is what I learned: There are places we want to go and there are places God wants us to go. God always sends you where He needs and not just where people need you. You must learn the difference between ‘being sent and just going’. 

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