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You can be a powerful tool in the hands of God when you realized that your financial gift is touching lives around the world  

Since the beginning of my ministry in Cuba, I came to the realization that the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ had an amazing transforming power. One night I was speaking in my church in Havana and a high ranking official in the navy gave his life to the Lord. From that day on many other important personalities in the Cuban regime accepted Jesus as their Savior. When I left the country in 1993, I spent two years in the USA preaching in churches almost every weekend. The time came for me to return to Cuba to visit the spiritual children I had left behind, but the Cuban government expelled me from the country and pronounced me persona non grata. As I was flying back to the USA,  I was angry, frustrated and entertaining all kinds of thought in my head. Suddenly I asked myself a simple question: If I could meet Castro face to face what would I say to him? The first answer that came to me was liberating. If I ever had the opportunity to meet Castro face to face, I would thank him for having such a strong conviction about the power of the gospel of Christ. However, I Know he would fervently deny it. He would for sure burst into a defensive posturing typical of an aging tyrant: “I am a committed atheist, he would say.  I do not believe in Jesus Christ.” To which I would boldly reply: Yes comandante, you are a devoted believer in the wonder working power of the gospel of Christ for one simple reason.  You do not hesitate to use all the power of your tyrannical regime to keep people like me from coming into your country to share with your people the good news of the love of God.

As we have expanded our ministry to over 40 nations of the world, my wife Kim and I have witnessed to hundreds of thousands of people the liberating message of the gospel of Christ.  We have always said that the message we preached have created a better world. We have seen face to face the impact that our evangelistic crusades have produced. The impact of this mass crusades is always transcendental.  They bring believers together to focus on the Gospel and the Great Commission. Crusades produce a sense of unity and shared identity among believers. They create a fresh momentum that energizes believers in their own personal walk and daily witness. But most important, thousands come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

As you read these words, our ministry is thriving in many regions of the world. We have key movers and shakers who answered the call of God and are working full time in the mission field. They are working in strategic places serving people and training leaders and influencers to advance God’s kingdom on earth. Some of them coordinate our crusades, others have been sent to help start up churches in remote areas, and others are part of our missionary team providing spiritual support to other full time ministers. We are honored to stand behind these missionaries and support their work. Supporting missionaries on the field not only makes us their financial partners, but also their spiritual covering. We also provide apostolic oversight to many of them, specially to those who have been ordained by me and my wife Kim. Like the Apostol Paul, most of our mission trips overseas serve the purpose of strengthening churches and leaders by visiting, encouraging and stirring the gift that’s in them through our presence among them. We share the same vision, values, and burden.

Here is how you can become a PARTNER and help us make our mission possible.

We need $50, 000 a year to fully fund the work we do in partnership with our missionaries. They are in the trenches of Cuba, Italy, Spain, Madagascar and Dominican Republic.  

I am believing and asking God for the following:

-To provide for us ten generous churches or individual to each give 10% of this budget.

-To provide for us 50 partners who can commit to a one time offering of $ 1000

-To provide for us 500 partners who can give an ongoing monthly gift of a $100

For personal inquiries and questions I can be reached personally via email at

Thank you for giving prayerful consideration to become a partner with us.